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Specialized in constitutional approach of homeopathic treatment which treats with holistic cure


Dr Himani Negi is a leading practioner in Chennai (Tamil Nadu).She has completed her BHMS degree from CHMC & H (Uttarakhand ) in the year 2010 with honours.She has a vast 7 yrs experience in the field of Homoeopathy.She believes in classical mode of treatment in Homeopathy where very infrequent doses of very minute medicines are given after a detailed case history of the patient.She believes that there are no boundaries for cure and Homoeopathy is always indicated in all sorts of illnesses.She specialises in the constitutional approach of Homeopathic treatment which treats the patient as a whole not in parts.Since the disease is just not so called scientific names but they have a deep seated origin in human economy.She has given wonderful cures in the deep seated chronic diseases in very short period of time and with the use of minimum dose whether it’s degenerative Disc disease or gallstones she finds no limits for Homoeopathy.She is also giving free service to the suffering humanity via lybrate and practo where lakhs of patients have benefitted from her answers.

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Real homeopathy is individualistic and specific. This means unlike allopathy / conventional medicine, there are no generalized medicines X for asthma, Y for arthritis and Z for diabetes. In real homeopathic treatment, for every case at every step a specific medicine is selected.  For example in ten cases of asthma there can be different medicines selected in different potency (commonly called power) with different frequency of repetition (dosage). This is called indicated remedy. According to real homeopathy indicated remedy is Similar Singular and Smallest. This means medicine must be specific for sickness, only one medicine to be used at a time and in least possible amount and dosage. That’s where many doctors who prescribe many medicines at random repetitions err against real homeopathy.

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“Dr Himani was very empathetic and knowledgeable in Homeopathy treatment.And of course she does a good job and so professional. I was pretty new to Homeopathy treatment however I got treated well and got cured. Thank you Dr Himani!”

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