Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a disease where there is inflammation and ulcers in the large intestines, due to immunological cause.

  • Correcting and treating the underlying immune system should be aimed while treating Ulcerative Colitis.

  • Homeopathy treats Ulcerative colitis by treating the roots.

  • All the research and the advancement in medical science have been unable to throw enough light on the exact cause of Ulcerative Colitis.

  • Stress has been identified as a big contributory factor though why it affects some and not others is also poorly understood.

  • Family history of ulcerative colitis tends to affect one more than others who do not have a similar family history.

  • It has been observed in patients that those who have a poor immunity are likely to get affected much more than others whose immunity is better.

  • Any and every factor that causes the immunity of a person to be compromised tends to cause an aggravation in the symptoms of this disease.

  • The biggest advantage of Homeopathy is that it is mild in nature and tends to modify the body’s natural immunity.

  • It is the responsibility of the immune system of the body to protect it from all sorts of damage, whether from bacteria or viruses or from any other disease.

  • It also helps in repairing any damage that may occur at any time.

  • Homeopathic medicines help strengthen the natural immunity of the body so that it can perform its natural functions in a more efficient manner.

  • Thus Homoeopathy is strongly suggested in cases of ulcerative colitis.


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