Fatty liver

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Fatty liver

Fatty liver is a common condition of the liver due to modern life-style, food, and drink habits. Collection of fats in liver cells is called fatty liver. This condition is also called steatosis hepatis or steatorrhoeic hepatosis.

  • Fatty liver by itself though abnormal, is a relatively harmless condition.

  • Liver is the largest organ in the human body.

  • It plays a vital role in keeping the biochemical balance intact.

  • Why fatty liver occurs, is unknown.

  • A fatty diet or overeating by itself never results in a fatty liver.

  • The fat may come from increased absorption from the intestines or from elsewhere in the body.

  • But, putting it generally, the liver loses its capacity to eliminate fats deposited within it.

  • Yet, 70% of persons suffering from NASH are found to be obese.

  • Homeopathy addresses the underlying causes behind fatty liver, improves liver functions and reduces the symptoms as well as modifies the disease process.

  • Fatty liver is partly reversible condition if treated in the early stages. In later stages, it can help to improve the liver functions.

  • Well chosen homeopathic medicines can help control and reduce Fatty liver disease. Homeopathy is recommended for cases of Fatty Liver.

  • A homeopathic constitutional treatment will give you best results naturally.

  • You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance and permanent cure without any side effects.


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Dr Himani was very empathetic and knowledgeable in Homeopathy treatment.And of course she does a good job and so professional. I was pretty new to Homeopathy treatment however I got treated well and got cured. Thank you Dr Himani!

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